"Get a positive boost from practicing gratitude"

Device types:

iPhone (iOS)


Design, Development (Solo)


July 2013 - Present

Project Overview

During the summer of 2013 I started work on a project called HappyFeed. After stopping work on Quixplore, I decided it would be useful to expand my skillset and learn how to creative native iOS applications (assuming this would enhance my design perspective, knowing the internal structuring).

HappyFeed was sparked from a common practice in positive thinking psychology called "3 Gratitudes." The idea is simple: record three positive moments from each day and start rewiring your brain to focus on positives, not negatives. Sounds like a great idea for a first app, right?

HappyFeed is currently available in the App Store with over 2000 downloads.

Download it here.

:: Shots and Samples ::

Happyfeed 0
Happyfeed 1
Happyfeed 2
Happyfeed 3
Happyfeed 4
Screenshot 40 02 1
Screenshot 40 02 2
Screenshot 40 02 3
Screenshot 40 02 4
Screenshot 40 02 5


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