"Discovery platform for sharing things to do"

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Web application


Co-founder, Design Lead


Fall 2011 - Spring 2013

Project Overview

During my time at Stanford, I started a company called Quixplore with my friend Nic in the CS department. We spent over a year improving the product and building a company.

Quixplore is a shared social calendar for your friends and followers. Our goal was to give people and organizations a single place to share their plans and ideas for things to do. We found that most people email and text to share these things with friends, so we built a platform that leverages location and time to make both sharing and discovery a more intuitive process.

We are not currently devoting any time to developing Quixplore, but it's a space I am still very passionate about and possibly interested in for future projects or collaborations.

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Quixplore 0
Quixplore 1
Quixplore 5
Quixplore 2
Quixplore 3
Quixplore 4
Quixplore 5
Quixplore 6
Quixplore 7
Quixplore new 1
Quixplore new 2
Quixplore new 3
Quixplore reshare


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