Mindset Kit

"Online resource designed to help educators and parents learn about adaptive academic mindsets"



Google App Engine, Python, Angular


Design Lead, Development


2015 - 2018

Project Overview

In early 2015, while working with PERTS, we started The Mindset Kit — a platform for teachers and parents to find materials to help foster learning mindsets. You can learn more about the motivation and principles behind learning mindsets on the site (that's exactly what it was created for). The Mindset Kit is built on Google App Engine with Python and uses modern front-end technologies such as Angular, Grunt, and Npm. Content is broken up into curated topics and user-generated practices. Using Angular, our users are able to like content, make comments, and even upload files for their own practices. It's quite a powerful application and one I'm proud to have been able to take such a large role in creating. This content has reached thousands of teachers throughout the world and continues to reach more through new partnerships formed by PERTS. We have worked with our users throughout the process and iterated through several designs — it's not easy to organize so much content in an intuitive way!

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